Family History Books

CR Publications specializes in guidebooks for genealogists. The pursuit of genealogy and family history has encouraged many to start an Internet search for their own roots, but typically, they soon face situations in which records must be sought which are not available on the Web.

The goal of CR Publications is to provide easy-to-read and amply illustrated guidebooks. Among the books published to date are Courthouse Research for Family Historians: Your Guide to Genealogical Treasures, and Courthouse Indexes Illustrated, now in 2020 in its 2nd ed. These are essential for those researchers who have gone beyond what is readily available on the Internet.

Another guidebook, Nicknames: Past and Present, will help guard against overlooking important documents because the nickname isn’t recognized.

Once records are found, they need to be evaluated. When there are no records directly proving a fact, or the records conflict, a strategy to build a solid case must be applied. There enters the Genealogical Proof Standard which provides for building a solid case, covered in CR Publication’s book by the same name.

CR Publications released a major book, the first of several projected books on military records. Military Bounty Land 1776-1855, has already excited novices and professionals in its in-depth explanations and easy-to-read instructions on how to find and use this mass of important genealogical records. More such military guidebooks will follow.

Christine Rose